Using Food Photography to Create a Lasting Impression

When I arrived in Vancouver, I was invited to dine at a great Italian restaurant at  a well-known restaurant in the downtown area. After sitting down and opening the menu, I was utterly confused. Thanks to a lack of pictures, I had no idea what the dishes were, looked like or would taste like. I was seeing some of these […]

Food Photography and Food Styling for Restaurant Menu

Yummy Videos: Using Social Media for Food Branding

For many food business owners, the idea of embarking into social media world is daunting. Though it’s true that word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most effective, there is a new strength behind businesses that take advantage of the relevance of social media and how it can help them with their food branding.

Our Food Industry Related Short Promotional Video

A recent client contacted us to make an interesting short promotional video to attract new customers and bring attention to their work and add a level of notoriety – we knew exactly what to do, and how to do it. The Benefits Not only does an eye-catching short advertising video simplify everything your business does for its customers, it also creates a […]

Fstoppers, Great Community for Photographers

I really enjoy to spend time, reading about photography. During these years I become very loyal to couple of websites. Fstoppers is one of those great photography websites. In just a few short years, Fstoppers has become one of the most influential photography resources on the Internet. A great community for professional photographers and emerging artists.

Fstoppers Photography

Latte Art Finds Its Way in Your Coffee Cup

Steamed milk poured into coffee or an espresso shot results in a design or pattern on the latte’s surface. Latte art is not a new way of taking coffee or creating art in a coffee cup, but more than two decades old, especially in North America. It is also embellished or created by a simple process of drawing on the […]

Latter Art Coffee Art