Editorial Portraits delivered by a talented and dynamic Editorial Portrait photographer in Montreal.

If you are looking to have editorial portraits taken for your wine or food magazine or for your marketing agency, then look no further. We have the expertise and experience to create that engaging and stunning imagery that you are looking for. Our editorial and cookbook photographer is one who is truly understands the creative process and goes beyond than just capturing an image.

Foodivine’s editorial portrait photographer creates the best portrait of chefs and culinary artists in Montreal.

An editorial photographer knows how to capture that perfect image to accompany both text and articles for food and wine magazines. Our food photographer provides his clients with a genuine and real-life look and experience. This award-winning food photographer brings to life the food in his editorial portraits. Attention to details and artistic mastery will make your mouth salivate upon that first view of any of these Montreal commercial photographers shots. Images from Foodivine are an important part of any marketing strategy.

With consistently using light and arrangements as a consummate artist, our photographer brings endless creativity and distinctive images to every job. Also, our commercial food photographer provides inspiration, excellence and prompt service that is unparalleled.