Gain a memory to last a lifetime in your business.

Food and Wine Event Photography based in Montreal Canada

From wine tasting events to food festivals

Our event photography services guarantee to make your images a true reflection of your business events. Whether this is an important corporate event, wine tasting, workshop or food and wine festivals, we will guarantee to produce professionally stunning images that will last in your business for a lifetime.

Whatever your needs, whatever your food or drink events, we are here for you.


Our on-location photographers will strive to capture every element of your event and take into account the care and attention that has gone into the planning of your day.

We can also provide event videography services and will create professional and innovative event videos that you will enjoy showing to your associate and clients again and again. Capture your important business announcement or exhibition and ensure that those important guests who couldn’t make it will feel as if they were right there in the room with you. 

Storytelling Event Photography