Shooting Upscale Bar Food With 3 Brewers

Everyone loves to sit down to a beer and the perfect cheeseburger, but how do you make that food stand out from the rest? We put our food and drink photography skills at work with our recent shoot with the highly successful 3 Brewers/3 Brasseures microbrewery-restaurants. Their successful franchise has locations across the Toronto and Montreal. All of their restaurants thrive in any neighborhood – Downtown, Laval, Brossard just to name a few.
Similar to many of our clients, they needed stunning restaurant photography that would highlight all the fresh ingredients they use to create their incredible dishes. Having creative photos in the menu helps customers make a better and easier decision based off what they see in the enticing photos before them.

Throughout the year, we excitedly worked with their marketing team on their summer and fall menu, providing stunning images to their design and graphic agency. A returning client means happy customers, and that we met their high expectations.

The key to any successful food and drink photography photo shoot is to pay attention to every detail. Upscale bar food has the perfect blend of rustic comfort food mixed with the elegance of fine dining. We made sure to every small element – the way the pint of beer was placed, the way to cheese oozed out of the burger – was perfect before we started taking any photographs. That’s why food and drink photography is art in its own form – working with the client to create a design that will look beautiful on their menus and posters is crucial to coming out with an amazing final product that the restaurant will be able to use for years to come.

The best way to make any customer indulge is to make them salivate and crave the food they see in our photos. Upscale bar food looks delicious to almost anyone. We used 3 Brewers signature dishes to ensure there was a good balance of options to present: an appetizer, salad and two of their delicious burgers perfectly capture everything the restaurant does best, including their extensive list of beers.

We use multiple light sources and light modifiers to create the perfect balance. Each light plays its role, small or big. By utilizing a big source of light from above, we took away the opportunity for any unflattering shadows that would take away focus from the rich blend of colours and flavours presented. We were able to come out with food photography that would make any potential customer want to reach out and eat, making it one of our proudest shoots yet.

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