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Our Fresh and Exciting Catering Photoshoot

Foodivine recently had the pleasure of being involved in a catering photo shoot that came out better than we could have imagined. We worked extensively with the Angela’s Catering chef and owner to create beautiful images that highlighted the star of every dish – whether that was juicy ribs, or classic smoked salmon and capers – we knew to position the platters to showcase what any customer would be most excited to see. As always, we did what we did best: take stunning photographs that make our client’s food look as delicious as it tastes.

Fresh herbs and garnishes can be a perfect addition to any photography involved in a catering photo shoot. It infuses the chef’s finesse into the dish and uses negative space in a creative way. In this case, we used bright mint with a hearty rack of ribs, and chives and cilantro in their classic salsa and pico de gallo options – always paying close attention both to their colour, and the flavour combinations we were presenting. These small elements are what separate any good food photographer, from a great one.

Another technique we used to ensure the perfect photos was continuously moisturizing the fresh fruits to make them pop and bring out their natural colours. Any skilled food photographer knows not to rely on editing to emphasize the dishes they’re working with – specific styles of lighting and placing food can give you a better shot from the get-go. This way of working allowed us to check on the photos as we went along, and instilled confidence in our clients as they were able to watch the monitor to see the impressive result.

Since the food industry is such a competitive market, it’s crucial to make the most of every catering photo shoot. We were able to stimulate the ambiance of a classic meal that any customer would be happy to be a part of. Our food photography helps people envision the event or occasion that they’re planning, creating an excitement that helps them make confident decisions.

As we always say: an image is worth a thousand bites!

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