Advertising Photoshoot with Bijoux for Galactica, La Belle et La Boeuf Campaign

This time shooting with Bijoux was a unique advertising photoshoot project. Wine photography and commercial photoshoot with reflective objects add a little challenge to finding the perfect lighting on any shoot.
Our most recent campaign with Bijoux and La Belle et la Boeuf‘s Galactica drink is a fun one that we’re excited to share. Over the course of three to four hours we were able to get a shot that was ‘out of this world’ – literally. With the galaxy theme blazed into our minds – we were ready to take the perfect image for their new campaign featuring mixed drinks made with Bijoux’s unique canned wine. A drink that’s that tasty deserves an eye-catching photo to draw in as many intrigued customers as possible.

Reflections of the Galaxy

The style of the advertisement was very specific, so we had to pay close attention to the way light was reflecting off the model’s helmet. It was challenging to work it out in a very short and limited time, we had to be careful. We managed to get a beautiful soft lighting by using a large diffuser over top and two other softboxes on the sides. A directional light from a low angle, which also brought attention to focus of the photo – the model’s mouth and the drink that is being enjoyed.

Catching Their Eye

We used two different styles of showing the drink – a pitcher and a large mason jar. Both had small lights inside the drink to get that ‘galaxy glow.’ It was a great experience finding the perfect ambiance to balance the delicious drinks our clients had created, and we made sure to be thorough in how we put together the final image. At the end of the shoot we’re happy our clients were excited by the end product, and to see our work shared with future customers. By the way if you have access to it don’t forget to try it out.

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