Foodivine Studio

Photographing Posters and Menus at Copper Branch

Vibrant & Organic

Copper Branch’s entire menu is vegan and full of colourful organic food. When shooting so many kinds of vegetables and fruits that explode with colour, it’s important to keep the dishes looking fresh and delicious. To do this, we used bright but soft lighting to bring out the contrast within each dish and highlight each individual element as it came together in one meal – especially when it came to their gorgeous fusion bowls.

Leaving Space For Text While Photographing Posters and Menus 

As we’ve found ourselves photographing posters and menus before, we knew it was important to leave room in our images for text and information to be added later on. This is one of the main differences between shooting food photography for art or simple images. When it’s being used for a poster then there needs to be space for the title of the dish and the slogan that accompanies it, and the person who is in charge of this marketing needs to have flexibility in what they can do with what you’ve left them.

We (of course) want Copper Branch to be successful in their advertising from the moment their potential customer is drawn in by our image. Any great food photographer will do all they can to ensure their project is spectacular from start to finish.

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