The Sweet Touch Behind our Pastry Photoshoot

Arguably the most elegant and decadent culinary endeavor is creating a beautiful pastry. It takes the science of baking, and the creativity of an artist to create something magical and delicious. When we teamed up for a pastry photo shoot with Jessica’s Pastries, we knew we’d need the same fixation on perfection to honor their magnificent work.
raspberry chocolate pastry
As always, we began by planning our work meticulously. We used both a moodboard for general inspiration and a thorough storyboard to ensure we were on the same page as our clients.

It’s important for any professional food photographer working on a pastry photo shoot to ensure they’re making the clients’ dreams their own. That way, trust is developed to give them the marketing materials they need for – in this case – their international market.

overhead custards fruit
Food Photography Storyboard

The key word here: harmony. Their pastries are so beautiful on their own, so kept our photos classic, elegant and consistent. Our work was organized down to the last prop. Now they won’t just have an assortment of appealing photos to choose from, but also a thematic color scheme and a way of putting them all together that makes sense. Every pastry photo shoot has a photographer behind it: making sure the angles, lighting, and finesse are cohesive and stunning.

Over the course of three days, we let our creative touch influence every photo we produced. We worked to develop three main photo styles for them to use – teaser shots, detailed shots, and individual isolated product shots. Featuring a pastry chef was a personal touch sure to win over potential customers – it’s always great to see the person behind your sweet bite.

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