Wine Photography & Our Shoot with Bijoux

We had the pleasure of working with Bijoux to shoot their innovative sparkling wine recently. Their light Italian wine is canned, so it required three different types of photos that would highlight its unique qualities and uses. We shot both in our studio and at a restaurant-bar in the city, which had the perfect ambiance for this kind of shoot. Keep reading to learn how we shoot Montreal wine photography and more about working with bijoux.

Advertising Wine Photography

Photos used for advertising sometimes are much more complicated to create photography-wise. A wine photographer needs to create images that are engaging, specific and attractive. We decided on a charming photo showing 4 cans of the sparking wine in the shape of a bottle of wine.

Solid white and black backgrounds were ideal for showcasing the wine graphically and on the Bijoux website. For products that have reflections, it is important to pay attention to the lighting and create smooth and intentional highlights. At the same time, it’s important to avoid unnecessary reflection – this structure is what makes world-wine and Montreal wine photography and advertising a tricky balancing act.

Depicting A Lifestyle

Our next personified stylish luxury and elegance, and a variety of props were used to create a dazzling ambience. This one of a kind splash photography was a result of multiple shots being merged together and high-speed photography techniques, and the vintage feel on photo border brings more attention to the item being showcased.

Any commercial drink and wine photographer needs to be able to create ambience of a bar that matches the mood their client is going for. In this photo, we used a ‘country’ setup to represent summer and showed cocktails intended to attract a male audience, emphasizing the flexibility of the product.

These photos will be used in their advertising campaign, printouts in the menus of restaurants and posters in some bars. We had to make sure to treat the product with the respect that it deserved, as any photographer interested in wine photography should.

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