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As our studio in Montreal, we are dedicated solely to food photography and food videos, we offer a variety of services depending on your image needs. We create the images they deserve. Send us an email.

Food Photography and Image Creation Project Showcases

We prepared a collection of the best photo projects fulfilled for our lovely clients for the last year.

Our Fresh and Exciting Catering Photoshoot

Foodivine recently had the pleasure of being involved in a catering photo shoot that came out better than we could have imagined. We worked extensively with the Angela’s Catering chef and owner to create beautiful images that highlighted the star of every dish – whether that was juicy ribs, or classic smoked salmon and capers – we knew to position…

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The Sweet Touch Behind our Pastry Photoshoot

Arguably the most elegant and decadent culinary endeavor is creating a beautiful pastry. It takes the science of baking, and the creativity of an artist to create something magical and delicious. When we teamed up for a pastry photo shoot with Jessica’s Pastries, we knew we’d need the same fixation on perfection to honor their magnificent work.

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Shooting Upscale Bar Food With 3 Brewers

Everyone loves to sit down to a beer and the perfect cheeseburger, but how do you make that food stand out from the rest? We put our food and drink photography skills at work with our recent shoot with the highly successful 3 Brewers/3 Brasseures microbrewery-restaurants. Their successful franchise has locations across the Toronto and Montreal. All of their restaurants…

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Advertising Photoshoot with Bijoux for Galactica, La Belle et La Boeuf Campaign

This time shooting with Bijoux was a unique advertising photoshoot project. Wine photography and commercial photoshoot with reflective objects add a little challenge to finding the perfect lighting on any shoot.

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Restaurant Photography of the Teppenyaki Style: Shooting Beni Hana

Beni Hana is a well-established, Japanese restaurant in the Hochelaga borough of Montreal. The restaurant offers Teppanyaki style cuisine – the chefs express their showmanship and creative culinary skills using knives and various utensils while cooking custom-made dishes on a hot grill right in front of the diner. The restaurant prides itself on the dining experience as much as their…

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Photographing Posters and Menus at Copper Branch

One of our favourite companies to work with is Montreal’s quickly evolving Copper Branch. As they continue to take over more locations across the city, they came to us to team up for some new gorgeous and vibrant photos. Photographing posters and menus involves skill and and an understanding of the style and highlights of the restaurant you work with.

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Wine Photography & Our Shoot with Bijoux

We had the pleasure of working with Bijoux to shoot their innovative sparkling wine recently. Their light Italian wine is canned, so it required three different types of photos that would highlight its unique qualities and uses. We shot both in our studio and at a restaurant-bar in the city, which had the perfect ambiance for this kind of shoot.…

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Arem Bar & Restaurant: Capturing the Essence of Montreal Fusion Food

Our photoshoot with Reza Azarpoor – the executive chef and owner of Arëm Bar and Restaurant in Montreal – is a great example of how to make the most of your restaurant photography. For a food photographer like myself, it’s always important to capture the creative plating of the cuisine as well as the essence of the dining room, especially…

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