Creators of short promo videos ranging from food to beverage and any food related items.

We are the Hub of Culinary Video Production in Montreal

We Make Filming a Breeze!

Want to start your own online food show? We do everything from pre-production, recipe development, final stage production to publishing online.

While it’s a well-known fact that word-of-mouth advertising is the most successful, there is a powerful force that businesses can now harness when using the power of social media to benefit and assist businesses in their food branding. The bottom line is, the more times your product is viewed and seen as delectable and irresistible, the easier it is for a connection to be made with your brand, and sales increase as a result.

Make the investment in a trustworthy and reputable food photographer and build up a portfolio of food videos and high-quality photos that can be posted on Facebook and Instagram. These social media sites are designed with the intention of making sharing easy so that your fans end up doing the marketing of your company for you. The path to becoming a social media celebrity can be challenging, let us be a part helping you complete your company's food-branding campaigns.