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Everyone who’s anyone has at some point during their lives come across the expression with regards to first impressions, right?
Basically, first impressions are rarely if ever forgotten. That’s because first impressions bear on a definitive mark that holds itself to memory of one for a given lifetime. That same impression holds a connotation under the light it was first encountered by its observer.

As repeatedly witnessed to in our world today, first impressions have always remained a cross between what people, relationships, and other things encountered offline or online, out in the real world or on the web, come to signify to you and me at first sight. A good example we will use for the rest of the article is, Food Photography.

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First impressions like food photography go hand-in-hand in a visual performance art unlike any other. After all, its object is to influence what craves stir beneath the eyes of the observer whether in agreement or disgust, first impressions, irrespective of what connotations may cause, are at best found to give form to good taste.


You’re out and about yet soon realized your stomach has been grumbling so you walk straight into a restaurant nearby. You’ve never been to this restaurant before, but you do what any normal person will do in a situation like this—You choose whatever most comfortably appeals to you, visually.

As you’re waiting in line ready to place your order, a great bright colorful menu hangs over your head and the meal of a photo to the top-left catches your attention. Why take any more time out of your day if you know what you like and this looks like something you like, right?

Pasta and tomato sauce
Pasta with tomato sauce basil and grated parmesan


However, the funny thing is decisions like these are hard-wired into our brain. That’s why it’s crucially important in making a sound decision based on hard facts. A strong impression is part of the alluring process to make you want to purchase a product in the first place.

Food photography is what it’s good for: Making the consumer visually satisfied, it’s what makes your appetite surge and mouth water. First impressions are shown in clinical studies to record in the human brain a matter of milliseconds. It’s why many restaurants today bring front-and-center quality food photography shots to appease the prospective consumer buyer.

Impressions are strong enough to create a loyal fan-based around the world. Think of big brands and see how far their food photography will go to show how good they are however seemingly. This holds true for many classes of impressions due for recognition around the world in this day and age. People are always on the go and where there’s food there’s images and impressions to go with it. To get to it people decisions are influenced by how powerfully these images convey to them a rating from presentable-ness to enjoy-ness.

There’s no question as to whether what science has to offer is in the right. Food Photography as any other medium is powerful and seeks potential. The potential in making a person choose over different meals presented as promoted by food photography.

by Foodivine Food Photographer – Montreal 2014

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